WRCT 200

Project 1: WRCT 200 is intended for sophomores, juniors, and seniors who want to begin or continue* reflecting upon both their academic and extracurricular experiences and how they are related to one another. Project 1: WRCT 200 experiences could include almost anything:

  • Experiences associated with academic coursework: papers, presentations, group projects, lab experiences
  • Extracurricular experiences: athletic teams, volunteering/service work, artistic performances, journalism
  • Off-campus activities: jobs, internships, summer and semester study abroad

Project 1: WRCT 200 may be useful for students who are looking to identify gaps in their skill sets and experiences that they would like to fill before or after they graduate or for students who are struggling to articulate the benefits of a liberal arts education to prospective employers.

See the WesMaps description!

*Project 1: WRCT 200 can be taken multiple times, but not more than once in the same academic or calendar year.