Resources and tools

Integrative learningTools by psd, on Flickr

Writing for the web

  • Grammarly – an app that you can install as an extension within your Chrome browser. It’s particularly useful for providing an automatic grammar and spell check for when you are writing blog posts on WordPress.
  • Hemingway – an app that advertises itself as being able “make your writing bolder and clearer.” If you tend to write long and complicated sentences, this app may help you simplify your writing for the web.
  • Plainlanguage –  a government site that provides guidelines and checklists so that web users can quickly “find what they need” and “understand what they find.”

User experience

  • Optimal Sort Card Sort – online software that allows you to ask users to participate in a card sorting activity to help you think about how to group the sub-pages of your website/e-portfolio.
  • Balsamiq – downloadable software that helps you make wireframes so that you can test out alternative designs of your website/e-portfolio. A full functioning trial is free for 30 days.

General website design

  • ImageCodr – allows you to enter the URL of a photo from Flickr that you would like to use in a blog post and easily get back the html code needed to not only post the photo but also cite it appropriately under Creative Commons licensing.
  • Timeline (JS) – provides you with a Google Spreadsheet template with which you can create a beautiful timeline and embed it on your blog or website.
  • Adobe Spark – any easy way to create quick videos that send a message, demonstrate an activity, etc.
  • Adobe Color CC – gives a long list of designer-curated color palettes to help you find the perfect color combination for your site.
  • Pixabay – database of free images for which you do not have to give attribution.
  • Pexels – another database of free images for which you do not have to attribution that has focused in recent years on storing pictures of a diverse set of individuals.

Using WordPress



Tools” (CC BY 2.0) by psd