The Courses

Interested in developing your integrative learning skills and a cohesive narrative about what you have been doing and learning during your time in college? Sign up for one of these .5 credit courses:

  • Project 1: WRCT 200 – sophomores, juniors, and seniors who want to focus on multiple experiences from their college career
  • Project 2: WRCT 300 – seniors who want to focus on a single, “capstone” experience and how that experience represents the culmination of other experiences and skills they have accumulated

These courses are portfolio-based, meaning you will:

  1. Identify papers, presentations, images, etc. that represent the experiences you have had and use category sets to link these experiences conceptually
  2. Describe the knowledge and skills you have developed and use what you have gathered in (1) to show what you have learned
  3. Describe the instances of success and failure you have experienced and what you have learned about your personal strengths and weaknesses