Guidelines for posts

Over the course of the semester, you will be asked to write posts in which you describe and reflect about carefully chosen items from your content inventory. Remember that your posts will be read by other students in the class. Only post material you are comfortable with them reading.

Basic guidelines:

  1. Each post should be about 500 words for their first drafts and 300 words for their final drafts.
  2. Each post should initially be posted in Google Docs on the day it is due so that others in the class both view and comment on them.
  3. Posts that were initially posted in Google Docs should be moved to WordPress after the second Editing Workshop.

As you write and edit your posts, remember that your posts should:

  1. Provide details. Your reader does not know what you did. You have to tell them.
  2. Be reflective. Why did you do what you did? What have you learned about yourself? How does this experience relate to other experiences you have had? Use the post prompts to get you started if you get stuck.
  3. Use plain language. Avoid long sentences and technical jargon unless that jargon is explained. Try the passing each post through the Hemingway App.
  4. Contain only short paragraphs. Chunk paragraphs whenever possible. If you wouldn’t read a long paragraph on the internet, neither will your reader.
  5. Make connections. Hyperlink when you can, both to other posts and external sites.