Title Trade

This exercise is intended to help you think more carefully about how you title your posts/pages. Exercise Prep: Read Clark (2006) and then identify three posts/pages with titles you are willing to share with the rest of the class.

Mind Map

This exercise will help unpack the various components of your capstone experience. You should think of this experience as not one monolithic thing, but something that can be broken down into multiple parts, and the mind mapping should help you do this. Exercise Prep: Review the example mind maps here and here. Read M. Pinola … Read moreMind Map

Audience Analysis

The purpose of this exercise is for you to think about who might review your portfolio and how you will organize and customize the content of your portfolio with a particular audience in mind. Exercise Prep: Review the audience (persona) analysis template before coming to class.


This exercise will help think through how you want visitors to your site to navigate through it. Exercise Prep: Review the description of website navigation here and explore some of the websites on this site.

Sight and Sound

This exercise is intended to help you consider how you might condense a description of your project down to a minute by carefully choosing the right images, words, and sounds to represent your work. Exercise Prep: Watch the video and try to make your video by creating an account with Adobe Spark. It doesn’t have to … Read moreSight and Sound


This exercise will help you think about how what you might write for an “about” section in your portfolio. What is the “quick and dirty” story you might tell about your project? Exercise Prep: Read about storyboarding, review my example, and be ready to use this template when I distribute it in class. You will have 20 minutes (5 … Read moreStoryboarding