Category sets

PortfolioExampleStudents choose one or more pre-established category sets to organize the reflections in their portfolio. These sets list the skills deemed important by various groups: Wesleyan University, academic departments within Wesleyan, and external professional organizations.

For example, Jane Doe is using two category sets in the portfolio you see here:

Jane has written two reflection pieces, one about working in a psychology research lab and one about swimming for Wesleyan. She has placed both under “teamwork,” a skill highlighted by the AAMC. But she has also placed her experience in the lab under “oral expression” (AAMC) and “expression” (MEME) and her experience swimming under “resilience and adaptability” (AAMC) and “engaging” (MEME).



Why use category sets? They encourage students to link what might seem like a disparate array of academic and extracurricular activities. They also encourage students to practice describing the skills they have developed while in college. Other category sets to consider: