Title Trade

This exercise is intended to help you think more carefully about how you title your posts/pages. Exercise Prep: Read Clark (2006) and then identify three posts/pages with titles you are willing to share with the rest of the class.

Content Inventory

This exercise will help you review what you have done during your time at Wesleyan, both inside and outside of the classroom. Think broadly about your experiences, accomplishments, and failures and what those teach you about your interests, strengths, weaknesses. The longer the list, the more this exercise will help you during future exercises.  Exercise … Read moreContent Inventory

Mind Map

This exercise will help unpack the various components of your capstone experience. You should think of this experience as not one monolithic thing, but something that can be broken down into multiple parts, and the mind mapping should help you do this. Exercise Prep: Review the example mind maps here and here. Read M. Pinola … Read moreMind Map

Curricular Mapping

The purpose of this exercise is for you to explore specifically when and where you developed a particular skill. Exercise Prep: Review the curricular map template and be ready to complete it in class. Note that there are slightly different versions for seniors, juniors, and sophomores.

Audience Analysis

The purpose of this exercise is for you to think about who might review your portfolio and how you will organize and customize the content of your portfolio with a particular audience in mind. Exercise Prep: Review the audience (persona) analysis template before coming to class.

Reflection Analysis

The purpose of this exercise is for you to help other students in the class deepen the reflective aspects of their posts and, in doing so, become more aware of how your own posts could be more reflective. Exercise Prep: Read J. Moon (2004)’s “The Presentation” (pgs 16 – 20).